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Yes, people want classes! I'm excited. Please feel free to spread the word. I'll be sending out another ping after this weekend, when the US holiday crowds get back and head to work.

This fall I'll be offering three classes starting October 8th. One group class and two "independent study" individual classes.

Here's how they'll work:

Classes will meet online via invitation-only Wordpress blogs and file-sharing. We're looking into a chat option for individual tutoring and group meetings, and will have more details on that as we get closer to the start dates.

The group class will consist of four weekly "lectures" via blog post, with writing assignments. Cost will include the class lectures, group and instructor review of assignments, and one half-hour chat or email tutorial/consultation with the instructor. Additional consultations available for additional cost, on which see below.

Individual courses will consist of three "lectures" via email or private blog post, with writing assignments, plus one half-hour general tutorial/consultation via chat or email. The schedule for these courses is flexible; see below.

Here's what we'll be offering this fall:

The Art of Plotting Your Story or Novel
Group Class
October 8th-29th (lectures post on Wednesday)

The art and craft of plotting, based on the original beta class offered on Livejournal. Participants in the beta are welcome to join the new class. Lectures and writing exercises will focus on the ways in which individual writing process affects the way a writer plots a story, as well as the mechanics of structure, pacing, and thinking things through.

Embrace Your Process
Independent Study
October 22nd-December 15th (exact schedule and pacing tailored to the individual)

A three-part lecture series with writing exercises. Participants will explore and develop their individual writing process through tutorials and exercises tailored to their particular way of approaching the craft. Outliners/pantsers, linear/nonlinear writers, the art of writing tight and the art of the exploratory draft--there's no wrong way to do it, and we'll work together to develop or refine a writing project.

How Big Is My Idea?
Independent Study
October 22nd-December 15th (exact schedule and pacing tailored to the individual)

A three-part lecture series with writing exercises.When is an idea a short-story idea, and when is it a novel? What about ideas that fit in between? How does a writer "grow" a small idea into a big one, and how does a natural novel writer pare down the idea into a piece of short fiction? Do the sets of skills translate? Can one writer switch from one to the other?

Pricing and Signup Deadlines (US dollars):

Four-Week Group Course:

Early-Bird Special: If paid on or before September 6th - $195
Preregister by September 27th: $225
"At the door" registration by October 5th: $250
Additional tutorials (may be booked during the course): $35 half hour/$60 hour

Three-Lecture Independent Study:
Early-Bird Special: If paid on or before September 6th - US$150
Preregister by September 27th: US$175
"At the door" registration by October 20th: $200
Additional tutorials (may be booked during the course): $35 half hour/$60 hour

We take Paypal at the address below. Please add 5% for the fees.
US participants may pay by check. Check must clear before participant starts class. Email for address.

Questions? Comment here, or email me at capriole@gmail.com
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Oh yeah, it's been forever. I've moved the daily stuff and the horse neep to facebook, where most of the people seem to have gone. But some things work better in this format--and there are still people here who aren't doing facebook. So here I am.

I'm reopening my editing/mentoring list to new and repeat clients starting August 15th. At that point my hourly rate will go up as well, to $60. In the meantime, I'm having a sale. If you sign up and pay for a block of five hours between now and August 15th, the cost is $225--$25 off the old rate and $75 off the new.

For a summary of what I do, how to pay, etc., look here.

I am also taking reservations for Horse Camp between October and March. One Camp a month, one or two (or three max) people, hot and cold running (and leaping and dancing and snorfling all over you) Lipizzans.

I am contemplating starting an online writers' group/class, weekly meetings, set up in modules--plot, character, developing ideas, novel, short fiction, etc. Or we might do a combination of those. Structure and pricing to be determined. If that interests you, let me know in comments. I'll be working on the details of that over the next couple of weeks. Feel free to make suggestions, requests, demands, etc., etc.

There's more in the works, but that's what I have today. We are Busy! We have Plans!

ETAAnd if you wonder what I do and how I do it, here's a description from Linda Nagata, whose Nebula nominee I edited (and oh, am I proud of it and her).


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