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For today, we wrote Exactly 1200 words of outline/story sketch/very very very very rough initial Stuff on Sekrit Projekt.

Camilla got a ride in the dusk, buzz-bombed by bat. She had happy ears, because she got her turn even though Ephiny got all the daylight, humph! Miss E wore saddle and bridle, did balance work, learned about weight in stirrups. She's been wobbling all over the place like a cheap folding table when she wears the saddle. Tonight she learned that when weight goes in the stirrup, you get a leg at each corner and you stand. She learned this on the right side first--that cranky right leg instead of coming up for a kick opted to root itself in earth and she stood. There was much praise of her Awesomeness. Which she ate up with a spoon. Ephiny loves to be Awesome.

She's almost ready. Just a tiny bit more thinky time and setup, and she'll have me on her back. I'll do that in a session with S--two weeks, give or take.

For anyone who says you have to start them while they're young and weak, because when they're mature they're too strong and therefore dangerous, I have this to say: A big, giant razzberry. 8yo Ephiny is grown into herself, has a clue how to balance, is pretty comfortable in her body, and has enough brain cells to handle the concept of work. She's had to learn the habit of obedience, as all young horses do, and she's needed time to get used to the idea of steady work, but she's got a wonderful mind and her body is ready to handle whatever I ask of it.

It does help that as a 3yo she was trailer-trained and taken to her breeding-stock evaluations (she passed, needless to say), and she's since been handled and played with regularly. She hasn't been a wild child all her life. But this late start has been a good thing, and she's taken to it very nicely. I'm looking forward to finally sitting on her.

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We are in the middle of Camp Lipizzan, and true to tradition, our Camper has already booked the next one. We're the potato chips of writers' retreats (you can't have just one).

Our unseasonably non-toasty spring weather continues. There is an occasional flirtation with the high 90sF, then the wind comes roaring in and we drop down to the 80s. Or even the high 70s. This can continue, minus the wind, please.

And of course, because this is Camp, we've had Lessons! With NEEEEEEEP! Illustrated! )

Best part of all, Evar? It was a totally normal Green-War-Mare lesson. Opinions, Airs, fusses, and all. No PTSD. No sign of trainer-aversion or any kind of problem with the concept of a lesson. She was totally in favor of doing it, she let me know exactly where I was being a dork, and she generally acted just like the young Capria or the slightly younger Pooka. S said she could see where the Toxic One went astray, and why a trainer might be tempted to "master" her and accuse her of being resistant or lazy or "too loose with her joints." She's a tough horse with a core of pure marshmallow, and she pushes hard so you won't realize how soft she is underneath. I was falling into it in the lesson, and thanks to the photos, I'll be a lot more aware next time I ride her.

She's very thinky now. I'll ride her in a couple of days, after she's had time to process, and see what she says. But one thing's for sure. ZOMG That Trot. Oh it is heaven to ride--even unbalanced and unsure and tending to fall apart and get stuck. It's pure soft power. Lovely, lovely, lovely.


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