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Here we go, guys--it's gonna happen!

As posted to the SFWA Pressbook:

We have a date for the first (beta) Horse Camp for Writers at my farm
near Tucson, Arizona: February 24th-26th. One "boarder" slot is taken
but there is a second room (with double bed) available, plus four "day
camper" slots. Beta cost for the weekend is $250 per person for
boarders, $150 for day campers. This includes meals, instructional
materials, demos and hands-on experience. If anyone wants to ride,
there are a limited number of lessons available at $40 per person, or if
the group would like a trail ride, we'll arrange a group ride out of a
local rental stable.

This is your chance to do that research on horses you've been meaning to
do. We will tailor the material to attendees' needs and projects as
well as their level of expertise.

There will be another Horse Camp in early May, directly after the
Nebulas, for those who can stay an extra few days. This will be a
weekday event at the "real deal" price. My farm is two hours down I-10
from the Mission Palms--an easy drive with some interesting scenery. If
you'd like to fly home through Tucson, we're just 25 minutes from the

Also available: "Lipizzan Weekends" for 2-3 people--spend a weekend with
the Lipizzans. Experienced horsepeople welcome; this one includes a
lesson on a Lipizzan (and if you have sufficient experience, it may also
include a trail ride). Inquire within. :) My email is capriole at
smoe dot org.

I'll add that Lipizzan Weekends are available from February through May--except for the weekend of April 28th-May 1st when I'll be doing a gig elsewhere, and of course Horse Camp weekend. This is a you-book-it sort of deal, Weekdays may be available on request. The farm goes on no matter what.

And so we gallop away, back to the mess-in-progress.


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