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Whole bunch of things make a post.

We Are Having a Sale

Because it's nearly mid-NaNo and I'm almost through my own major novel-revision push and my last novel is about to appear in print, I feel like going saleing. There are openings in the editing calendar. My usual rate is US$60 per hour, and I take on projects of all sizes and lengths. Between now and November 28th, I'm offering a five-hour package for $275.

Five hours is long enough to look over your NaNo novel and advise on plot, characters, style, whatever you may need. It's a start on a full line or copyedit. I can do some research for you, advise on your equestrian details, review your synopsis or your submission package, even give you a mini-class in writing one. Endless possibilities. I'm a full-service mentoring and editing machine. :)

Not in NaNo? No problem. The sale is open to everyone. Just mention this post when you get in touch. My email is capriole at that gmail thing.

I'm open to new clients for more general editing and mentoring, too. Email with details and needs. Sale price can be applied to the first five hours of a longer project or mentoring arrangement.

Classes and Online Writing Instruction

In October I experimented with an online class. I posted a lecture once a week, assigned writing exercises, and conversed with students about the results. The class was small but enthusiastic, and we had a great time. We all learned a lot--yes, I learn when I teach, too.

The size of the class did force me to assess whether I should continue to offer a scheduled session, and conclude that it might not be the best way to approach the idea.

What I'd like to do, by way of experiment, is offer unscheduled sessions. Three or four class "days" with lecture posts and assignments as with the scheduled class, but at the student's request and on the student's schedule. If two or more people--writing partners, writers' group members, and so on--would like to take the class together, I'd offer a group rate.

This is a more structured concept than the usual mentoring arrangement. We focus on specific elements of craft--plot, characterization, dialogue, setting, or worldbuilding, for example--and work on exercises designed to develop craft in specific ways. If you have a project you'd like to bring to the class, we'll make that the center of the discussion. Or we might address more general questions and techniques. I'll tailor the lecture posts to your individual needs.

One class I'm dying to try: "How Big Is My Idea?" Working with the student on writing a new or less familiar length or form: short-story writer who wants to try novel, or novelist who is interested in learning how to write short.

Introductory rate: $275 for a four-unit class, $225 for three units. Email for group pricing. Available right now: Plotting 101 (four units). Available in December: How Big Is My Idea? (four units). (Embrace Your Process (three units), Make Your Dialogue Work For You (three units), Worldbuilding 101 (four units), Student's Choice (you tell me what you need, three or four units).

I do bank hours, so if you expect to take the class after the New Year, as long as you book and pay during the sale, I'll keep a slot open for you.

And Finally, Camp Lipizzan

While we're here...

Camp Lipizzan, aka Horse Camp for Writers, is booking sessions for 2015. We have openings in February and March. Other months or times by arrangement--email and we'll talk. Writers' retreat with Lipizzans--and we're trying new angles on White Horse Herd Yoga, which Campers will help test and refine. Sunset Solstice Retreat, anyone? (That's a thing. December 19th. Email if interested.)
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Oh yeah, it's been forever. I've moved the daily stuff and the horse neep to facebook, where most of the people seem to have gone. But some things work better in this format--and there are still people here who aren't doing facebook. So here I am.

I'm reopening my editing/mentoring list to new and repeat clients starting August 15th. At that point my hourly rate will go up as well, to $60. In the meantime, I'm having a sale. If you sign up and pay for a block of five hours between now and August 15th, the cost is $225--$25 off the old rate and $75 off the new.

For a summary of what I do, how to pay, etc., look here.

I am also taking reservations for Horse Camp between October and March. One Camp a month, one or two (or three max) people, hot and cold running (and leaping and dancing and snorfling all over you) Lipizzans.

I am contemplating starting an online writers' group/class, weekly meetings, set up in modules--plot, character, developing ideas, novel, short fiction, etc. Or we might do a combination of those. Structure and pricing to be determined. If that interests you, let me know in comments. I'll be working on the details of that over the next couple of weeks. Feel free to make suggestions, requests, demands, etc., etc.

There's more in the works, but that's what I have today. We are Busy! We have Plans!

ETAAnd if you wonder what I do and how I do it, here's a description from Linda Nagata, whose Nebula nominee I edited (and oh, am I proud of it and her).
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Today isn't all that hot, for June in southern Arizona, but the forecast for the rest of the month is, shall we say, typical. We are all taking a deep breath and bracing ourselves for the Dragon Weather.

Meanwhile, having spent much of May in CFS collapse, I'm hoping that's over and the summer will be productive. And un-collapsed. To help with that, I ran away for a few days over the weekend, and mostly slept in and did not think about Life And Everything. I.e. took a vacation. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tcastleb who held down the fort, and my mom who offered her spare bedroom, I feel much better now.

Thanks to all who posted lovely words about the Camilla-neep post. She's been quite pleased with herself since, and I'll be following up on the lesson now I'm back on the farm for the summer.

Though when I came back yesterday, the one who marched right up to me and demanded [a] hugs and [b] WORK! was Ephiny. She is not My Lipizzan. We will be finding her human after she's backed. But she's my baby and I'm her trainer and she has a serious interest in the process of becoming a Ridin' Hoss. Which will happen soon now, as I have time and energy to concentrate on her and finish up the odds and bits of things she needs to know so that I'll be safe to sit on her.

Meanwhile, on the publishing front, House of the Star is finally available for preorder. I am chuffed. Pub date is November 9th. I don't have cover or ARC's yet, but will be noodging for same Soon. This is the magic-horses-in-Tucson-and-Faerie book. I've got to start doing the promo thang, like, last week--so not my strong suit, but I'll do my best. I mean, hey. Magic horses!

We're taking a break from Camp Lipizzan for the summer, but the fall and winter will be Campapalooza. If you've been thinking about it, we have an opening in March. This thing has mythic resonance (and everybody rebooks, often before leaving their current Camp). It's been fascinating to watch the groups that have formed and the traditions that they're building. Each is different; we've established some standard aspects of the experience (the clinic/lesson day, the writing retreat, and of course the horses), but the details vary according to who's here, what they want or need, and whether they've done Camp before. I'm really enjoying the evolution and looking forward to the next round. Can't wait to see all the old hands and meet the new ones. :)


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