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A little randomosity first, then the neep we're all here for.

If you're on Goodreads, Tor is giving away 14 copies of House of the Star. The window for getting yourself into the draw is open until October 15th. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] janni for the tip! I wouldn't have known. Though I know I'm being flown to Denver next Thursday to hang with independent booksellers, and the week after that, a filmmaker is coming to make a book trailer staring--how not?--the horses. All fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that this book does well. I want to write the sequel!

Remember I mentioned Breaking Waves, the charity anthology from Book View Cafe? It's out in all digital formats. We're figuring out a print version. This is a kickass collection of stories, essays, poetry, cartoons, and photographs by a great group of writers, and all the proceeds go for relief in the Gulf. I have two stories in it.

I'm putting together all my horseblogs into an ebook, with expansions and explanations. That should be out from BVC in November.

Busy. Yes. Got to keep the horses in hay.

And now, about Ephiny...

Neepity! )

This morning when I went out to feed, Ephiny was all snuggly and sweet. As I went to do the chores, she plugged into the earth--stood almost perfectly square, as she would for me on her back, and watched me for several minutes before she went back to her normal slouch.

Breakthrough. She's figured it out. I'm really looking forward to the next ride, to see what else she's got a handle on in that lovely brain of hers.

It's been a week for breakthroughs, really. Camilla had her first ride outside the arena--very short, because the War Mare is all about the drama and I wanted to be sure she kept it together throughout. She did very well, she didn't get stuck more than a little bit, and she didn't freak out or bolt, though she thought about it more than once. Definitely a win. There will be more.

Her brother of course had to show her up. He didn't want a ring ride, he wanted Out. Rather emphatically. Took three tries to get him to stand still for mounting--and he's known the rules there since he was a snotty baby stallion. We had a rather snorty and elevated start, but I started doing lesson homework, connecting my seat to his hindlegs and doing shortening and lengthening of stride, and wow. Magic. Instant calmdown. We ended up riding all the way to the next street, past Scary Dog Number One, and were only a little bit looky. No bouncing or passaging. Nice long neck and calm walk back to the barn. GOOOOOD Pooka!

Homework FTW. Oh yeah.
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Today isn't all that hot, for June in southern Arizona, but the forecast for the rest of the month is, shall we say, typical. We are all taking a deep breath and bracing ourselves for the Dragon Weather.

Meanwhile, having spent much of May in CFS collapse, I'm hoping that's over and the summer will be productive. And un-collapsed. To help with that, I ran away for a few days over the weekend, and mostly slept in and did not think about Life And Everything. I.e. took a vacation. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tcastleb who held down the fort, and my mom who offered her spare bedroom, I feel much better now.

Thanks to all who posted lovely words about the Camilla-neep post. She's been quite pleased with herself since, and I'll be following up on the lesson now I'm back on the farm for the summer.

Though when I came back yesterday, the one who marched right up to me and demanded [a] hugs and [b] WORK! was Ephiny. She is not My Lipizzan. We will be finding her human after she's backed. But she's my baby and I'm her trainer and she has a serious interest in the process of becoming a Ridin' Hoss. Which will happen soon now, as I have time and energy to concentrate on her and finish up the odds and bits of things she needs to know so that I'll be safe to sit on her.

Meanwhile, on the publishing front, House of the Star is finally available for preorder. I am chuffed. Pub date is November 9th. I don't have cover or ARC's yet, but will be noodging for same Soon. This is the magic-horses-in-Tucson-and-Faerie book. I've got to start doing the promo thang, like, last week--so not my strong suit, but I'll do my best. I mean, hey. Magic horses!

We're taking a break from Camp Lipizzan for the summer, but the fall and winter will be Campapalooza. If you've been thinking about it, we have an opening in March. This thing has mythic resonance (and everybody rebooks, often before leaving their current Camp). It's been fascinating to watch the groups that have formed and the traditions that they're building. Each is different; we've established some standard aspects of the experience (the clinic/lesson day, the writing retreat, and of course the horses), but the details vary according to who's here, what they want or need, and whether they've done Camp before. I'm really enjoying the evolution and looking forward to the next round. Can't wait to see all the old hands and meet the new ones. :)


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