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The Equipment is gone. Nice Young Men came this morning and took it out. Then they missed with the breaker box and lo, there is power to the whole house again. And it is good.

Tomorrow Nice Young Men (having tracked down the adjuster in the wilds of New Mexico) will come and install a temporary floor, so that there will be a bottom to the southeast quadrant of the world, and cats will be less likely to fall through and escape.

The silence is wonderful. Beautiful. Restful. Five days of nonstop roaring has worn us all down.

This afternoon I spent some hours ascertaining that yes, the DSL router is properly dead, and being told by Tech Support to replace it, and researching potential replacements. Ebay supplied the latest model for a nice discount, with three-year warranty and expedited shipping. I have hopes that it will arrive this week. Please god. The hotspot works well, but this would be the week in which I'm receiving and sending multiple large book and image files, and will be receiving and sending yet more. I'll have to top up the hotspot tonight or tomorrow.

So that takes care of the question of whether to kill the landline. Uh, nope.

Planned errand run deferred another day. I am plotzed. I have to educate myself about flooring right good and quick, because I want to do something other than carpet in the renewed bathroom, and I need to know what I'm asking for, also prices relative to carpet, because that's what the insurance will cover. Home Depot will be part of the errand run. I want sturdy, attractive, and above all, easily cleanable in the presence of small domestic predators. The nice people in the orange logo will answer my questions, I'm sure.

And oh, god, I forgot upload my Rawnblog for tomorrow. EEEEEK!

Off I go.


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