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First, the "What's She Up To?" section:

I'm running a Kickstarter for a new space opera through November 15th--that's another ten days. It's funded, yay, which means it's a happening thing, and we're into stretch goals. That's where the real fun is. More space opera! More space whales! And Ponies in Spaaaaace!

I also have a Patreon going, which right now is covering Ro's medications. He's still on two different eye meds four times a day, and Spot is celebrating age fourteen by developing a bunch of problems. So we're doing a virtual Camp Lipizzan for patrons. This is fun, and also useful. My favorite combination.

Also, if you're doing NaNo, Writing Horses is in the official NaNo book collection, the Storybundle with all the writing books you could ask for. That's on through December 31st.

So that's been keeping me busy, along with the usual action around the farm. Gabriella colicked badly the week before last, needed the vet two days running, but good drugs and good old mineral oil through the traditional tube combined with her tough-old-lady constitution to get her back up to speed. (Do Not tell her she's an old lady. When she's not dealing with possible feed toxicity or else a virus, she looks and acts like a ten-year-old.) She's returned to her imperious chowhound self, and makes me smile every day.

When there is time around the ongoing cascade of crises, I've been observing the days of the dead and the Celtic new year by trying to get my center back. It's been a seriously jangly year. HouseMageddon is over, and there are walls and floors and paint and fixtures and beautiful new rooms that I've finally had the mind-space to appreciate. It's all so clean and fresh, and vinyl tile is ever so much easier than carpet when one has animals. And, you know, working bathroom. And no holes in the walls or floors.

But oh, what a summer it was. Living in the two guest rooms, which are lovely rooms but quite crowded with two dogs and three cats, and half a house worth of Stuff in the library. I am a claustrophobe, and three months in what felt like an episode of "Hoarders" at one end and a construction zone at the other (complete with no walls and hole-riddled temporary floor) was...bracing. Yes. Bracing.

Still. We survived. It did not kill us. Therefore, we should be stronger. And the new parts of the house are so pretty. I knew I'd have a  new master bath plus new floors in bedroom and dining room--the water leak under the hot-water heater was epic--but with one thing and another (thank you, high-end carpet and built-in cabinets that we dispensed with in favor of vinyl tile and pre-made vanity and gorgeous Epic China Cabinet), we ended up with a new dining room, new floors everywhere but the library and the guest rooms, plus repairs to the outside of the house where last year's gas-line repair tore up the skirting. AND we came in under budget. Much as I kvetched about the contractors, they did their job and they got in all the things and even added bits that I hadn't thought they could manage.

While the contractors were working through the insurance settlement, I started renovating the kitchen. That's about a third done. Walls are painted, floors repaired, and plumbing and appliances likewise. Cabinets still need painting and repairs, pantry needs new shelves, plus odds and bits. I'm on hiatus--I'm renovated out--but will get back to it in the new year. It's much fresher already, and much prettier. And the oven actually, you know, works.

I am still fighting chronic fatigue attacks, and the horses are waiting for me to get back to doing more than feed and wrangle blankets. That will come. I am determined. It may take a while, and probably be January before it all comes together, but It. Will. Happen.
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