Apr. 4th, 2017

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After many years, I've finally reached my limit on what I can put up with by way of terms of service. This journal is on its way to dreamwidth, where I also go by the name of dancinghorse. Once the import is complete, I will be shutting down.

The new location of my blog is here:


It's been a long time since I posted, and most of my presence these days is on facebook (as Judith Tarr) and twitter (as dancinghorse), along with regular columns at Tor.com and books and a very occasional blog at bookview cafe.com. I am thinking I may wake up my blog over at dw, for entries too long for my political/professional twitter and too political for my politics-free facebook page.

This has been my online bloghome for a very long time. Coming on the heels of the demise of my sff.net web page, which also had been neglected for far too long, it feels like a fundamental upheaval, but also like a necesssary change. A refreshing of the systems. A return to the roots, but in new ways. In a new pot, as it were--like the Birthday Rose, which outgrew its pot and now lives in a new one.

I will miss my lovely page design here--Carrie Keymel's beautiful horses--but some things do pass down the streams of time. I expect I'll see many of you over at dw; the queue is long today, and we're passing around tea and cake as we wait.

See you there, I hope?


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