Aug. 17th, 2015

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I'm posting here so everybody gets to see. We're allllllmost done with HouseMageddon, aka the Full-House Restoration, aka Four Months of Construction Hell.

Ro-Pup meanwhile continues to see his eye vet every two weeks. His eye had seemed to clear up...until the day before his supposedly final vet visit, when it blew up all over again. Somewhat over a month later, he is down to three different meds a total of six times per day (from four/eight), and has developed glaucoma, which one of the meds appears to be helping. He has his own pharmacy card at Walgreens, and the pharmacist has come to know us rather well.

This, on top of having to repair a slew of household systems and appliances in order to make the renovations happen, has strained the budget to snapping. I do not know where Wednesday's vet-visit payment is coming from, and the next two weeks are going to be interesting. And that means...SALE!

I am considering a Patreon, but since I also will have to run a Kickstarter if I'm to write the much-requested sequel to the space opera, I'm concerned about donor fatigue. Also, it makes me kind of squirmy. Though a Camp Lipizzan diary and Virtual Camp might appeal to a different demographic than the space-opera fans.

As I said, I am pondering.

Meanwhile, in honor of Ro and the Whole-House Restoration, may I offer:


Book and pay at least half by 9 pm PDT on Thursday the 20th, and get $25 off 3 days/2 nights or $50 off 5 days/4 nights ($350 or $450). Camps are available in October, and from January through March. Additional dates may be possible. Just ask.

Details of Camp are here.


I'll have some openings for mentoring and editing beginning in September. Normal rate is $60 per hour. For the sale, I'm offering 5 hours for $250. Open to all: new, current, and former clients.

Details of the various services are here.


Available by direct request only. Choose from my catalogue at Book View Cafe. Prices work like this:

$2.99 --> $2.50
$3.99 --> $3.50
$4.99 --> $4.50
$6.99 --> $6.00

Yep. That last isn't a typo.

I'll further sweeten the deal for trilogies and series, all of which retail at $4.99. Two volumes for $8.00, three for $12.00.

Remember, this is by direct request only. Please specify format when ordering (epub or Kindle).

Send requests and Paypal payments to capriole at that gmail thing.

Signal boosting appreciated, and thank you all. I hope to see some of you at Camp!


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