Apr. 15th, 2015

dancinghorse: (dog day afternoon)
And so we have been to Dr. EyeVet once again. Eye looks good, she said. Inside is normal, no inflammation.

But, there is still some redness around the eye, so he'll continue on his meds twice a day for another six weeks, then recheck.

He won't mind. He has it down. 8 a.m., 8 p.m. Bound into kitchen! SIT! Get treats! Get eyedrop! Get more treats! Best Day Ever!

Here's the dog himself, as of this morning, after a bracing hour and a half of helping in the barn. Best Morning Ever! He posed for this; he's quite gracious about being Available for his public.

Most Interesting Dog in the World.

I've been in CFS crash since last week, on the "can do horses and dogs and cats because I have to, otherwise sitting up is a challenge" level, so putting in considerable amounts of horizontal time. But that's to be expected, after months of Stress Max. Functioning past twitter length is therefore not happening for the most part (and writing a paragraph at a time is kind of slow but also kind of interesting).

At any rate, dog is distinctly on the mend, so that's good. Everything else will sort out when it sorts out.


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