Apr. 1st, 2015


Apr. 1st, 2015 05:56 pm
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Today was Ro's followup with Dr. EyeVet. His cornea has cleared up considerably and his eye looks like an eye again, which indicates that the meds are working. Vet still saw some inflammation in the iris, so we're medicating for another two weeks on a slow taper-off from the original aggressive dose, then she'll see him again. He has a dilated pupil, which may be permanent, but vet said this isn't uncommon in dogs; with a blue eye, you can see it all the more easily. Though I don't think he had it before. I suspect it may resolve when the inflammation goes away.

Both she and the tech noted that his behavior was completely different: he had much more energy. He's learned to sit still for a treat, so that his eyedrops are now a happy occasion (which is a real boon when it's four times a day); the tech was having a great time trying out his roster of tricks. Then he tried to go out back where the vets live, though he was glad enough to come with me out the front and charm the socks off the people there.

The trip home was adventurous. He was Perfect in Petco, trotting nicely beside the cart, and patient at the feed store, where we waited for them to unload two semis full of hay, ten bales of which came home with us. Then he watched me unload it. Watching is important, you know. Shepherding and all that.

(Semis unload via forklift, 30 100lb bales at a time; takes five minutes to do a full load, so ten minutes all together.)

Now he's sound asleep. It was a long day for a Working Dog(tm).

At any rate it looks as if we won't need that indiegogo; he seems to have cleared up without surgery. The next two weeks should see him back to normal.

I'll fall over early tonight, I think. It has been A Week. Monday morning ushered itself in with Bread Knife 1, Judy's Hand 0.  Got it taped back together, but typing has been a challenge. Better now, still a bit interesting.

Then the cooler guy showed up with the wrong parts to fix the wrong system, despite my repeated instructions to the dispatcher. Ascertained that the blown-out cooler needed a new pump, and the one with the cracked line needed new bearings, but he couldn't switch out the pump because they're two different sizes. And he'd been told he was fixing an A/C that needed refrigerant. I have never had an A/C in this house. He had no cooler parts with him. So no cooling during record heat (mid-90sF). The next opening was during Ro's vet appointment, so no. Allegedly there will be fixed coolers tomorrow morning. We shall see, she said darkly.

There's been such a run on cooler parts this week that getting them is a significant challenge. I hope I have enough tubing; I couldn't get any. All gone. ($30 at the hardware store; $200 if they supply it, grr.)

At least Ephiny had a good lesson yesterday. She was a demo pony for a planned rebuttal to the FEI on the rules change: poll to be no longer the highest point (neep alert, and shame on you, Carl Hester). She literally cannot go forward if her poll drops. Since she's mostly built like a modern dressage horse, but has the Lipizzan mind and drive train, this makes her a useful example.

There's more, but my hand just said it's had enough. So there we are.


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