Mar. 25th, 2015

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We are back from the eye vet. Diagnosis: Not totally certain, but since all symptoms point to uveitis, that's what we're treating for. He has eyedrops (neosomethingdex) and will be getting aggressive treatment for a week. Then back to eye vet, whose secondary office is much closer than the one we went to today, and that will be a relief. Next Wednesday afternoon, different time, closer station.

So currently, no mention of surgery. Qualified yay.

Also yay: No sign of glaucoma. Pressure is normal. And probably not valley fever, with the sudden onset of symptoms.

Weight: 42.8lbs at the regular vet, 44lbs at the eye vet. Right after breakfast and all. Scale mildly concerns him, but the sit-and-treat trick works, well, a treat.

He was very well behaved, though the eye is extremely light-sensitive and the tests were hard for him. The worst he does when tackled and immobilized is lick the tech's brawny arm and make little growlywhimpery noises while wagging his tail in circles (it's like being whapped with a feather boa). "Is he always this happy?" several people asked me, several times.

At the end, a lady came in with a very fluffy chow mix. He barked a tiny bit, but sat when asked and calmed down. Yay! Dog aggression significantly reduced!

The teeny shih tzu at intake just make him want to say hi. So it's size- and body-language-related.

He is a people magnet. Everybody wants to get down on the floor and love on him. At open vein and pour out blood, er, money time, he put his paws on the reception desk and politely asked for a treat from the jar. Receptionist, enchanted, gave him two.

And now we are both home and horizontal. He's out cold. I'm about to be. Ex. Haus. Ted. I think the rest of today will be a wash.


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