Mar. 24th, 2015

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And now we are back from the vet, and hay is unloaded and horses are fed, and so are we. And tomorrow morning we do it all over again (minus the hay-hauling).

Ro saw his regular vet today. She couldn't find a scratch, but the whole cornea is inflamed. Could be valley fever in the eye, for which she did the test. I don't think so; it's clearly trauma. But it is a possibility. May also be a tiny cactus spine that needs more advanced equipment than she has. She could not find a corneal ulcer. The whole cornea has turned blue. The eye is light-sensitive so there's still sight in it.

The eye specialist down in Tucson can see him tomorrow morning. I'll have time to get the horses fed, then off we go. Turn and burn, as the truckers say.

As I said before, the ability to just calmly hand over the check card for whatever he needs is beyond price. If he needs surgery I will have to put up an indiegogo, but we'll bridge that troll when we get to it. For now, we're hoping it's something that can be treated with meds.

Ro and I are both pooped tonight. He's a wet noodle on his couch. I'm close to it, though there are still house things and dog and cat things and animal things left to do.

In other news, I believe I have found a farmsitter. She is not cheap, but she's barely half the price of Overpriced Only Other Option, and is extremely professional and has a horse-crazy teenaged daughter. Good things may come of this.

But first, we take care of the Ro-Pup. Who was a Star everywhere he went today. Vet and techs both praised his behavior highly, and kept saying how good he was. "And he's so pretty!" Only problem we had was his desire to curl up in Auntie Vet's lap when she was trying to get a look at his eye.

Now go thud. Tomorrow will be a long day.


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